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PWEA Board Position Opening

Fellow PWEA members,

The PWEA Board of Directors has an opening for the position of Region B Director.

Worksites in Region B: Antietam ES, Bel Air ES, Beville MS, Colgan HS, Dale City ES, Enterprise ES, Forest Park HS, Gar-Field HS, Hampton MS, Henderson ES, Kerrydale ES, King ES, Kyle Wilson ES, Lake Ridge ES, Lake Ridge MS, McAuliffe ES, Minnieville ES, Montclair ES, Neabsco ES, Occoquan ES, Old Bridge ES, Rockledge ES, Rosa Parks ES, Springwoods ES, Westridge ES, Woodbridge HS

 Please find below excerpts from the PWEA Bylaws regarding the responsibilities and process of appointing a board member.

ARTICLE III.           DUTIES OF THE Board of Directors

Section 1.        The Board of Directors shall attend meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Representative Assembly, serve in other positions appropriate to the office such as liaison to work sites, member groups or committees, attend School Board or community group meetings, and such other duties as may be determined by the Officers and/or the Board of Directors.

Section 3.        The Board of Directors shall have the authority to develop policy statements and transact routine business in the furtherance of the action of the Representative Assembly.

Section 5.        All Directors shall represent the Association at the annual VEA Convention.

Section 6.        The Board of Directors shall make recommendations to the Representative Assembly.

Section 7.        A majority of the members shall be a quorum of the Board of Directors.

Section 8.        The PWEA Board of Directors shall meet a minimum of once a month during the school year.  The monthly meeting may be canceled by the President provided five (5) days’ notice is given.  The meeting schedule shall be approved by the PWEA Board of Directors.



Section 8. If the President shall be unable for any reason to complete his/her term of office, the Vice-President shall complete the unexpired term.  If the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, VEA/District F Director, or any member of the Board of Directors shall be unable to complete the term of office, the PWEA Board of Directors shall fill the vacancy by appointment of a person to serve in that capacity only until the next regular Association election, at which time, the vacancy shall be filled by election to complete any remaining unexpired term.  Appointment(s) shall be made by the PWEA Board of Directors by the following procedures:

  • Vacancies in any positions on the PWEA Board of Directors will be advertised by the Elections Committee and open for application to the general membership, prior to the appointment by the PWEA Board of Directors.
  • In the event no applications are received for the PWEA Board of Director's consideration, the Board will conduct a search for a candidate to fill the position.  If no candidate is found from among the appropriate school-based region or grade level, the Board will have the authority to appoint from within the entire membership.

If you are interested in filling in the position of Region B Director, please provide a letter of interest to the Elections Committee:

Please send this by November 20th, 2018.