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Prince William County School employees, both classified and certified, now have the opportunity to sign in support of collective bargaining.

Collective bargaining allows employees to work with the Division to create better working conditions, better pay, and to provide more resources to benefit our students and families.

This is a historic moment in time.

ALL employees sign. They do NOT have to belong to PWEA. PWEA will be the bargaining agent.


How do I know this is good for staff, students, and families?


I have worked tirelessly for the last six months to bring this to fruition, along with an amazing group of friends and colleagues, who love and respect our students and their families.


We also love our bus drivers/attendants, custodians, food service workers, social workers, specialists, special/general education teachers, T/A’s, nurses, secretaries, substitutes, maintenance & skilled trades workers, and everyone else that makes our schools into communities.


We want ALL of them to have a fair wage, good benefits, and a work/life balance. We know this creates solid schools, a sense of community, and it attracts the highest quality educators and support staff who become happy employees that stay.


Thank you to all of the parents and community members who have already lent their voice and encouragement to this effort. We appreciate you and your support ❤️

If you are a PWCS employee, and you have not already signed, here is a link to the online form. https://forms.veanea.net/view.php?id=674744

Please feel free to reach out on social media or by email if you have any questions!