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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is PWEA?

What is VEA?

  • VEA stands for Virginia Education Association.  As a member of PWEA, you are also a member of VEA, our state organization. Learn more about VEA here:

What is NEA?

  • NEA stands for the National Education Association.  As a member of PWEA, you are also a member of NEA, our national organization. The NEA is largest union organization in the country with over 3 million members! That means 1 in every 100 Americans are a member of the NEA!  Learn more at NEA's website here:

Where do my dues dollars go?

  • Your dues dollars goes towards PWEA, VEA, and NEA.  Each organization develops a budget that must be approved by a representative assembly of the membership.  PWEA's budget includes funding for a full time release president, receptionist, administrative assistant, utilities for office, PWEA scholarships, funding for several committees, and more. 

Do my dues dollars go towards political candidates?

  • They do not.  PWEA, VEA, and NEA have separate political action committees (PACs) which must fundraise and select candidates to recommend through an interview process.

How do I become a member?

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Learn all about the benefits of membership here

Can anyone become a member?

  • Whether part time or full time, or teacher, principal, book keeper, facilities worker, bus drivers... anyone can become a member of PWEA!

How much are dues?

  • Current dues are as follows:
    • Full Time Certified: $27.37 per pay
    • Half time Certified: $14.17 per pay
    • Full time ESP (classified) $14.58 per pay
    • Half time ESP (classified) $7.89 per pay
    • Substitute: $179.24 for the year
    • Food Service and Transportation full time: $17.50 per pay
    • Food Service and Transportation part time: $9.47 per pay

How can I get involved?

  • Attend one of our trainings to become an association representative or join one of our committees! Here's a list of committees and their chairs.  Feel free to reach out to one of the chairs to learn more!

Who serves on the PWEA Board of Directors?

  • Learn more about our PWEA Board of Directors here. Click on each of their names to learn more about them!

Can I have a silent witness in a meeting?

  • Per PWCS Regulation 506.03-1  "When such a conference concerns dismissal, placement on probation, or suspension, or when another supervisor is present at such conference, the employee shall have the right to have present during the conference a silent witness of the employee's choice other than an attorney."
  • You also have the right to know what a meeting will be in advance.  If it is one of the scenarios listed above, you have the right to reschedule that meeting until a silent witness can be arranged. A silent witness can be anyone of your choosing, it does not necessarily have to be office staff.  Do ask the silent witness to please send a copy of their notes to the PWEA office.

When should I call the office?

  • If you are placed on an action plan
  • If Child Protective Services (CPS) are involved
  • If Police are involved
  • If Risk Management is involved
  • If you are called in for a disciplinary meeting
  • Or if you ever have a question! 

What is the Attorney Referral Program?

  • Have a non-employment related legal issue? Take advantage of one of your free thirty minute consultations today! See more details on this link. Once you have decided whether to use the program, call PWEA’s office at 703-361-2444 and provide your membership information so that we can get you in touch with a legal professional.