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Member Time

The PWEA Board of Directors recently adopted Member Time: a time at each board meeting for any PWEA member to speak to the board and bring concerns forward.

The following are procedures: 

  • PWEA member may submit any supporting documents to the PWEA President 24 hours prior to the PWEA Board Meeting
  • There is a 3-minute time limit to address the Board
  • Board members will not have dialogue with the member
  • Topic to share should be shared with President 24 hours prior to the meeting
  • Member must sign up to speak in advance to President 24 hours prior to the meeting
    • Included in sign up: Name, Work Location, Address, Home Email, Cell Phone, Topic
  • After addressing the board, member may stay and observe meeting, sitting to the side and refraining from having dialogue with board members
Sign Up, Topic, Supporting Documents Board Meeting Date
September 11 September 12
October 9 October 10
November 13 November 14
December 11 December 12
January 8 January 9
February 12 February 13
March 11 March 12
April 15 April 16
May 13 May 14


If unable to attend, members are always welcome to reach out to a board member with concern.  PWEA Board Members

Adopted by PWEA Board of Directors (October 11, 2018)