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PWEA Election Results

The elections committee met on Saturday May 16 to count ballots for PWEA President and Vice President.

Congratulations to:

  • President: Maggie Hansford
  • Vice President: Chuck Ronco

5 candidates were unopposed and were therefore voted in by acclamation:

  • Secretary: Melissa Alexander
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Rokasky
  • VEA Director: Chuck Ronco
  • Region A Director: David Kinsella
  • Region D Director: Ellen Alden

Their terms will start on August 1st


Also, the following members were elected to be an NEA delegate to this year's "Virtual RA"

  • Kimberly Boggan

  • Loretta Bryant-Kline

  • Kiara Cain

  • Rosa Chavez

  • LaRina Clark

  • Lorraine Corbin-Morales

  • Jamila Darwish

  • Monnan Davis

  • Daniel Foose

  • Daniel Jackson

  • Michelle Johnson

  • Ron Kostrezebski

  • Christina Mattson

  • Antoinette McDonald

  • Erin Merrill

  • Misty Mudryk

  • Annellen Robertson

  • Chuck Ronco

  • Danielle Rowe

  • Sarah Stanfar

  • Amy Verner


Per the PWEA Bylaws: Gwen Edwards (VP), David Kinsella (Secretary), and Jennifer Rokasky (Treasurer) are delegates..   

Also, Megan Link (VEA Director) and Riley O'Casey (PWEA President and VEA Director) are delegates as well representing VEA.