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Please see Maggie Hansford’s “PWEA All Member” (4/23) & “This Week’s Schedule” (4/27) Emails for Zoom Links/Contact Methods

Monday, April 26th: Community Outreach Committee 2:30 (Chair: Cynthia Gault)
Tuesday, April 27th: IPD Committee 4:30 (Chair: Carolanne Grogan)
Tuesday, April 27th: ESP Council 5:30 (Chair: Ric Clark) <—– Please email Ric for Zoom Link
Tuesday, April 27th: PWC BOCS Meeting 7:30 (Budget Vote) Agenda / Watch / SignUp To Speak / Public Comments
Wednesday, April 28th: Meet With Maggie 4:30 (Maggie Hansford)
Thursday, April 29th: SPECIAL BOARD MEETING 5:30 (Maggie Hansford) <—– Please email Maggie for Zoom Link