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Mary Ruth Spencer

  • PWEA Board Position: Region A Director
  • Hometown:  Alexandria, Virginia
  • Current Assignment: 7th grade Social Studies
  • Work Place Location: Gainesville Middle School
  • Post Secondary Education:  George Mason University for undergrad and graduate
  • Education Career: 26th year full time with PWCS. Also taught part time for 4 years with PWCS in the ESOL Adult Education department.
  • Became an Educator because she wanted to help make the world a better place.
  • Chose to serve on the PWEA Board of Directors to help make education better for all stakehoders and she likes the people who donate their time for the same cause.
  • Outside of work Mary Ruth likes to travel and read.
  • What is your favorite NEA Member Benefit?  It offers another layer of protection!