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PWEA School Board Template


Collective Bargaining is on the agenda for the June 1, 2022, School Board meeting. We need YOU to email you School Board members NOW and share your support.

Please see our example below to help you write your email today.  Click the following link to create the template below to send to ALL School Board members’ emails. You will need to edit the draft with your name and signature line confirming if you live in PWC or not. **You can add your story to make your message more impactful**

Email Template Link

Good Afternoon,

My name is Sarah Smith.  I am a mother and an educator in Prince William County.  I am emailing you to ask that you vote YES for ALL employees to have the right to collectively bargain on June 1st.  The time is now to give our educators the human right of having a voice in the decision-making process that impacts their safety, profession, and compensation.  

Vote YES on June 1st.

Sarah Smith
Educator working and living in PWC