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Jacqui Brown

Jacqui Brown is a Comprehensive Child Study Specialist and has worked for PWCS for the past 13 years. She assists students and families with community resources that will help the student be succesful in their school and home environment.  Jacqui became a PWEA Member 3 years ago.  When asked why she decided to join, she wrote, "In January of 2012, my ex-landlady‚Äôs husband died unexpectedly.  He was the Vice-President of his union. At his memorial, so many people (who were union members), had nothing but wonderful things to say about him.  There were pictures in the program of him on the frontline lobbying or protesting for a conglomerate of things.  The DC Mayor at that time,  Mayor Vincent Gray, declared a day in his honor.  I told my ex-landlady as a tribute to her husband (whom I knew him as well), I was going to join our union.  His work had an impact on me."  Further, Jacqui wrote a play this past February titled, "A Conversation with the Man Who Killed My Son."  Her play is about an African-American mother who meets face-to-face with the white police officer who shot and killed her nineteen-year old teenage son. The twist of the plays is that this meeting is taking place without either one of their respective lawyers being present. She wrote the play after seeing an interview with Michael Brown's mother, Leslie McSpadden, in which she said that no one from the Ferguson Police Department ever came and talked to the family. Jacqui wondered what the convesrsation would look like and she created her play which has received a 5 star review from DC Metro Theatre Arts.