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Dave Martin

A proud product of Prince William County Public Schools, Dave Martin was inspired to become a professional educator by a burning desire to effect positive change in his local community. A 23-year veteran of the classroom, Mr. Martin currently teaches 4th grade students at Lake Ridge Elementary School in Woodbridge.  

Dave’s passion for achieving constructive results does not stop at the classroom door. Several education colleagues instilled in him the critical importance of unions, encouraging him to join the Prince William Education Association (PWEA). Shortly after becoming a member, Mr. Martin ecame truly engaged in organization activities.. Prior to a Board of County Supervisors' meeting, he was urged by a former PWEA president to become a co-association representative at his work site. While Dave continues to serve in this capacity, he also previously served on the PWEA Board of Directors. In Dave's spare time, he canvasses tirelessly for education-friendly candidates recommended by the Virginia Education Association's (VEA) Fund for Children and Public Education. Hopefully you validated Dave’s unflagging efforts by showing up at the polls and casting your vote on November 7th!