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The PWEA Board of Directors’ Member Time Policy, originally adopted on October 11, 2018, has now been UPDATED and is fully in effect. Member Time is the time at each board meeting for any PWEA member to speak to the board and bring concerns forward.

The following are the NEW procedures:

  • With the exception of VEA staff, the VEA President, and the PWEA parliamentarian, PWEA non-board members will only be allowed to observe virtually from any location other than the PWEA office property.
  • Members must sign up to speak and/or observe 48 hours or 2 business days prior to the meeting using the PWEA/VEA form. Included in sign up are the Member’s Name, Work Location, Address, Home Email, Cell Phone, Topic, and a place to attach supporting documents.
  • PWEA member may submit any supporting documents to the PWEA Administrative Assistant 48 hours or 2 business days prior to the PWEA Board Meeting using the PWEA/VEA form.
  • There is a 2-minute time limit to address the Board
  • Board members will not have dialogue with the member
  • After addressing the board, members may continue to observe meeting or log off the Zoom call.
  • Any unauthorized recording of the board meeting is prohibited, and violators are subject to immediate removal from the meeting.

Adopted 05/11/2021