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What is PWEA?

Prince William Education Association?

The Prince William Education Association exists to create a deep and abiding interest in the cause of education, to promote competency in teaching and in the administration of the schools, to urge upon the electorate the importance of adequate support to all institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge in order that our government may have the sanctions of an enlightened public opinion, and to represent its members in matters with the Prince William County School Board.



This committee works to meet the communications needs of Association members and collaborates further to enhance PWEA’s overall image with both internal and external audiences. Members of the committee currently maintain and update the PWEA website and social media pages, as well as create video content for the YouTube channel. The committee encourages involvement of local Association members in public relations activities and campaigns.

Committee Chair

Amy McCarthy
Old Bridge ES

Pat Hill, Staff Liaison

Community Outreach
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Committee Chair


Lisa Staib, Staff Liaison

The elections committee is charged with distributing and counting ballots for all Association elections. The committee meets throughout the year for elections of VEA and PWEA officers as well as delegates to the VEA and NEA conventions.

Committee Chair

Daniel Foose, Sinclair ES
Megan Link, Unity Reed HS 


ESP Council
The goal of the ESP Council is to provide the opportunity for our ESP members to have targeted opportunities for communication, training and other events to meet the specific needs of the ESP members of the Association.

Committee Chair

Ric Clark

Pat Hill, Staff Liaision

Government Relations

Details to come.

Committee Chair

Justin Kern, Cedar Point ES
Robin LaCasse, Yorkshire ES

Lisa Staib, Staff Liaison

Instruction & Professional Development

The Instructional and Professional Development (IPD) committee works together to provide opportunities to meet the personal and professional goals of members. IPD helps promote and support local, state, and national opportunities related to instruction and professional development, as well as offers mini grants for instructional practices and professional development opportunities.

Carolanne Grogan
Unity Reed HS

Lisa Staib, Staff Liaison

Meet & Confer

More info to come.

Chuck Ronco
Unity Reed HS

Pat Hill and Lisa Staib, Staff Liaisons

The membership committee is responsible for recruiting and retaining PWEA members. The committee meets over the summer to prepare for the beginning of each school year, as well as during the year to apprise members of the benefits of belonging to PWEA.

Rachel O’Mara
Bel Air ES

Pat Hill and Lisa Staib, Staff Liasions

Info coming soon!


Pat Hill and Lisa Staib, Staff Liasions

Prince William Political Action Committee of Educators (PW PACE)

PW-PACE recommends local and state pro-public education candidates. PW-PACE funds the cost of publishing and distributing materials to inform the membership about their recommended candidates through voluntary contribution of its members as well as through the sponsorship of PAC fundraisers.

Maggie Hansford
PWEA Office

Lisa Staib

PWEA Retired

Info coming soon.

Bruce Smith

Pat Hill, Staff Liaison

The Scholarship Committee is committed to offering annual scholarships for high school seniors, an ESP, a current member, future educators, and first time college attendees. We review the scholarship documents for accuracy and clarity and submit to the PWEA Board of Directors; advertise and distribute the scholarship opportunities; and convene to review scholarship applications in order to choose the most qualified candidates for recommendation to the PWEA Board for final approval.

Angela Jenkins
Freedom HS

Pat Hill, Staff Liaison

Social Justice

Info coming soon!

JB Akbar
Freedom HS

Pat Hill and Lisa Staib, Staff Liasions